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Bikini Boho Chic Embroidery



Treat yourself to surprise everyone thanks to this wonderful colorful embroidered boho chic bikini.

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Boho chic bikini increasingly like more and more people thanks to its beautiful colorful. That is why we bring this beautiful colorful bikini with a high that will amaze and astonish.

The bikini is made in 90% Nylon and 10% spandex. In this way also to adapt to our beautiful bikini figure, we can swim, lie down to sunbathe, to play, etc. Let nothing disturb you on your vacation and relax enjoying the most!

The origin of the bikini

It is known that the origin of the bikini is set in the year 300 A.C. According to tiles decorated with images of women playing sports, swimsuit in two pieces, found in an ancient Roman villa del Casale, on the island of Sicily. However, it was not until the 5 July 1946, when the French mechanical engineer, Louis Réard introduced the bikini, officially in the city of Paris. From there, the rest is history.

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Surprises of your bikini

Get a more bohemian look with this bikini boho

Get a different look with your bikini boho


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