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Boho Chic bathing suit with neckline to hip Loop



Surprise everyone this agape let them veranoy thanks to this fabulous boho chic swimsuit.

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Discover fashion this summer for the beach and pool: Boho chic swimsuit. With it everyone will notice you, by becoming the queen of the beach instantly. With its unmistakable style, every time you go to the beach, everyone will focus on you.

This wonderful swimsuit is made in one piece from the combination of nylon, spandex and acrylic. By joining these three fibers, you will enjoy a soft touch whenever you put it. Like this, you can relax and enjoy your holiday without anything bothering. In addition, thanks to the elasticity of the spandex, the suit will suit your figure without any hassle. Thus you will not have to waste time with discomfort or imperfections. The fastening straps is wearing a neck and waist with closure thread. This way you can adjust it so that you stay more comfortable or according to your preferences.

Benefit from sunbathing on our bathing suit

Sunbathing is very important for health. The sun gives us life both us and plants, and heat energy and keeps us alive and healthy. The sun, we help our body produce vitamin D. This vitamin is very important because it helps us physically and psychically both. So we need vitamin D helps calcium absorption enhancing our bones. It also makes us less prone to colds in winter. Likewise, It helps melanin production, skin that protects us. psychically, el sol aleja la depresión y la tristeza de la vida haciéndonos más propensos a la felicidad y mejora la calidad de nuestro sueño. De esta forma disminuye nuestro estrés y nos ayuda a relajarnos.

Escoje el bañador que mejor se te adapte a tu figura

Haz que todos se fijen en tí este verano

Boho chic swimsuit thank you become the queen of the beach


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