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Heart shaped catchers



The heart-shaped catchers is a “must have” necessary to have romantic dreams with your partner.

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This heart-shaped catchers is your ideal companion for nights. Hang above your bed to enjoy beautiful romantic dreams all night. About, when you wake up, You'll feel fresh and recomfortada thanks to the dreams of the night before.

This lovely heart-shaped dreamcatcher. Its width is 13cm while its height is 45cm. Like this, You can place it on the bed without bothering to sleep. In addition, its heart shape surprise everyone when you see it.

The effect of dreamcatcher

Catchers are twisted so when bad dreams are trapped while the beneficial dreams flow towards you. Like this, as you sleep, you can have sweet dreams all night and avoid nightmares.

The mysticism of these amulets is still attractive to many people. On indigenous peoples beliefs they were respected and were careful to profess a special respect for the gods and nature. This is precisely what many in seeking catchers, a return to the values ​​of these ancient peoples.

His ring represents the wheel of life and in this case, also love. The mesh or netting, they are the dreams that we weave our dreams, soul or in actions that we generate in our daily life. In the center of this network we see vacuum, which it is the "Great Mystery".

Tradition says that this type of objects are of great help to keep us the good ideas and pleasant dreams, protecting those who possess it. The time of dreams is influenced by good and bad energies. Like this, at night, bad energy trapped by the mesh and dissipate through the central hole with the first rays of sun a day.

The heart-shaped catchers will protect you all night while you sleep

Let flow your feelings with this fantastic dream catchers

Free your soul with this fabulous night dreamcatcher



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