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Dreamcatcher with flower-shaped center



Creates a zone of positive energy in your room connecting with nature through the flower-shaped dreamcatcher.

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This leads catchers tissue in the center of your network in the form of a flower. Like this, In addition to helping to rest all night protecting you from nightmares, You can contact the placid nature to have dreams. This catcher has a diameter of 20cm ring and a total length of 65cm.

How to keep your dreamcatcher

At first hour of the morning, when they appear the first rays of sun, we must take the dreamcatcher, take it to heart level facing the sun, then close your eyes and think of the happiest moments of our life.

This energy is reflected or trapped by the amulet and will remain there for years. This procedure is recommended to do twice a year. If you place it in the headboards, protects our dreams, intervening in the spiritual opening. So our consciousness expands and improves.

Negative energies emanating from bad dreams or nightmares are trapped in the middle of the circle. You can say it's like insects that are attracted by honey. By the time the morning sun arrives and is irradiated center, the negative energies that were trapped in the stone, become positive, freeing them from the pen to the environment.

Catchers should be hung on the ceiling of the room, next to the headboard. It should avoid contact with any object or wall that can prevent freedom of movement. It should also ensure that the sun coming through the window enlighten.

If the time has worn materials and stray strands or discolored feathers, you must purchase a new. The old man will burn and should be thrown away. We are facing a magical element that helps us to rest, it absorbs ambient negativity, away evil spirits and bringing creative solutions to those who possess it and rests on faith.

Enjoy this fantastic sleeping with Dreamcatcher

Enjoy evening a pleasant dream

Thanks to this you can dream catchers pretty things

The night is yours with this wonderful dreamcatcher


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