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Tree of Life Sterling Silver


Bring always close to your heart The Tree of Life with this sterling silver pendant

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The Tree of Life fills our daily lives with positive energy thanks to its protective action. Thanks to our tree of life in sterling silver, You can enjoy its benefits whenever you're wearing. Like this, every day you get to perform all purposes you have.

This pendant is beautiful plated sterling silver (the payment 925). Its minimalist style but still in great detail, It is making it ideal to take with you both day to day and sometimes to bring pendant and special events, such as birthdays, Parties, dating, etc.

The size of the pendant is 4cm while the chain has a total length of 45cm.

What gift Who pendant Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life is a symbol of birth and rebirth. For those who are about to start a new life is the perfect gift as we always look forward to a life based on solid roots and it is intense and good. The Hanging Tree of Life It is a good gift for a young child, because it acts as a channeler of good luck and protection. you can also give to those who are about to start a new phase of his life. You can give it to a couple, a young man or someone who starts a new job. And speaking of starting a new life, The pendant can be the perfect gift for anyone about to marry.

You can also give it to your best friends or your family. Like this, They will also receive all the positive energy and good luck. In this way, every time you see, They know that you care about them and how much you care.

Bring always hanging tree of life!






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