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Buddhist Ring in Sterling Silver Heart Sutra



This Buddhist sterling silver ring helps you in your daily life through the power of the heart sutra is engraved.

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The Heart Sutra It represents the heart of the great wisdom. It was written between the second century 1ro and 6to of our era. Common to all descendants of Buddhism, It is certainly the best known sutra. At, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva gives a lesson to Sariputra on the emptiness of all being and of all things, because none of them has fixed or substantial nature. Everything is impermanent itself and exists in interdependence and not by itself.

Let your heart be the greatest exponent of yourself

This beautiful ring is made in sterling silver (the payment 999). The width of the ring is 10mm and inscribed on its surface includes heart sutra. In this way, every time you find yourself stressed out or not you are well, You can recite the sutra with the help of the ring. With meditation and this ring, you can overcome endless obstacles in your life.

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