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Boho Chic Ring with Crystal Sea Turtle Citrine



Make everyone to notice your beautiful and graceful hands with this beautiful ring boho chic sea turtle

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Show your love for the sea turtles and thanks to this lovely boho chic ring. His unique style helps you have a twist that will surprise everyone. Like this, wherever you go, You can show off your beautiful hands.

Let your love for each sea turtle reaches all

The sea turtle is an amazing animal that can learn many lessons. We can learn to be cautious, like when she feels danger is hidden inside the shell. We can also learn to be patient, because the turtle always goes his way calmly without worrying about time. In addition, Turtle is also a symbol of wisdom and longevity, so as soon as you put the ring, you will feel all the force within you.

The ring is made of zinc alloy, Two linkers finished colored glass.

Surprises with your ring sea turtle

It achieves everyone to notice your hands with this ring boho chic sea turtle

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