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Boho Chic Butterfly Ring with Citrine Crystal



Surprise everyone and leave with their mouths open wide thanks to this wonderful boho chic ring.

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Butterflies are very beautiful animals. During his young stage, Caterpillar seeks food and sustenance of nature. Once the arrival time primeravera and when it becomes adult, the caterpillar is enclosed in a cocoon until gradually metarmofosea into a beautiful butterfly taking flight, surprise and delight all. Like a beautiful butterfly, You can also spread your wings and take flight toward the heavens. Thanks to this boho chic gorgeous ring, every time you see, You remember how your spirit is free to follow the path you want in life. In this way, Step by Step, You can get do everything you set your mind.

Let your spirit be free forever

This beautiful ring is made of stainless steel, allowing you to take it with you at all times to any place.

Metamorphoses your spirit as a beautiful butterfly with this chic boho ring

Surprises of this chic boho ring

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