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Boho Chic Ring Sterling Silver Arrow


Take with you at all times the arrow of fate that direct you toward your dreams and hopes through this ring boho chic.

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When fate throws his arrow, This points out the path we must take to get to fulfill our dreams and hopes. That is why we must follow the arrow of fate. Thanks to this boho chic gorgeous ring, You can also follow the arrow of fate. Once you put the ring, You will see how fate guide your hand in your actions. In this way, you will achieve get everything you set your mind easily and without any problems.

Let fate guide your hand

This beautiful ring is made in sterling silver, also known as silver 925. Ring not closed, so you can easily adjust it to bring in any of your fingers smoothly. The diameter of the ring is 17mm unmodified. At the tip and tail of the arrow it has several crystals crimps which will give a unique look.

Follows this wonderful destination boho chic ring

Make all thanks to this boho chic surprise ring

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