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Boho Chic Ring with Mosaic Open Wave


If you like the beach and the sea, our chic boho waves mosaic ring is a statement of your tastes and hobbies.

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Let yourself be carried away by the passion of the sea! This lovely boho chic open ring shows on its surface a beautiful mosaic pattern with waves above it. As people see, It amazed!

The ring has an inner diameter of 1.7cm and 6.5mm width. The bottom ring is open, allowing you to perfectly match your fingers.

The magic of the sea

The sea and magic They have been intertwined since the beginning of time, (Remember that even considered the marine environment as the origin and source of life), and both have been revered since the emergence of the oldest civilizations. In Greek mythology, For example, we find Teti, one of the creators mothers , who gave birth to Oceanidas and together with Gea, mother Earth, It gave rise to the first forms of life on this planet.

You also lose yourself for your precious magic.

Surprises of your boho chic ring



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