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Aurora Ring Sterling Silver



Dazzle everyone with this wonderful aurora ring. Nobody can look away thanks to its combination of light and color.

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This beautiful aurora ring evokes all the power and majesty of the aurora borealis. Like the luza dance in the sky forming intricate shapes and colors, This wonderful ring also plays with the dancing light to create a dancing mirage that will attract all eyes toward the ring. In this way, as soon as you put the ring, You do everyone to notice your precious fingers and hand, drawing stares at you. Like the aurora borear focuses the eyes of everyone from coming out until it disappears, you will be able to create a lasting impression on everyone who looks at you.

Dazzle everyone with your presence thanks to the aurora ring

This ring is made in sterling silver (the payment 925). In the top ring has a glass sphere crimped 12mm.

Amazes everyone with your aurora ring

Go with the harmony of this boho chic ring

The aurora ring is your ideal for all kinds of events companion

Surprise and wonder with your boho chic ring

Get your unique style with aurora ring

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