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We are what we repeatedly

We are what we repeatedly

All ever doubt ourselves, of what we are or what we can do, We looked in the mirror and know that there is something deeper in life.

Self-knowledge is an arduous and complex task, more we think we know ourselves, we can not be further from it, it always returns that empty feeling towards us, of discontent and dissatisfaction environment that we live, then we wonder, really what we want or who we are.

For more than we try to understand that beyond that there is in life, In the universe, always we will find a limit, perhaps wisdom, perhaps understanding or simply progress, but what we know, is that we are the actions that we repeat over and over again.

We become what we do, for better or for worse, our thoughts, words and deeds condition us and make us one determined, good people or undesirable beings, We even have repetitive behaviors unconsciously, hence the importance of have the integrity to acknowledge mistakes and correct defects.

You can somewhat incomprehensible resultarnos, that we understand that what we do repeatedly, but reflect and look in depth, we realize that a lot of sense, If we are accustomed to lying, we will be liars, if we do not echo habit of injustice because then we become unjust people, if we repeated the action by judging and criticizing others, we become slanderers, so that where you look you what you do over and over again in your life, day and even accept it or not, shape your personality.

So there are many things in life which we can not escape, we will have to face either way and deal with them. However, We are what we repeatedly ..., It will always be our choice act with goodness, be compassionate, not act to the detriment of anyone, pride aside, envy and especially always do the right thing. This may be the best way to make good decisions, Whatever you do always acts on the basis of love and do the right thing.


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