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We are moments

We are moments

We are moments, passing moments and a succession of memories. We ventured in time and space, in a small fraction of the world in which we installed our life as if it would last forever. But we are fleeting, like those stars, we are like footprints in the sand when the waves erased. However, Nonetheless, we believe we are cement.

We let the time escape without thinking that nothing is eternal, or what you love or what hurts you, because actually we are a succession of moments, We are instants passengers.

We are fools who do not know live in the moment


We are fools who do not know live in the moment. We prefer to go fast at the floor instead of enjoying the place where we are. We prefer to run to get anywhere rather than walk and breathe around us. We prefer to let time slip through our fingers seize the moment hard to live without fear.

We want everything fast because there is always more important, something beyond enjoy the present moment and forget to enjoy what we have, because we never stop long enough to realize it. We live locked in a time warp, a dark tunnel with only one light at the end that prevents us from seeing what surrounds us and pushing us to go blind to that uncertain future.

Are moments that we live as if we were eternal. We are moments that do not enjoy what we have around us at all times. We behave as if she had time to enjoy good when, In fact, we're losing.

If we are instants, vivámoslos without fear


For this reason, it is better to remind us that if we are instants, it is best to live them fully and without fear. We choose how we spend our time. We can say that a glass of water is half full or can say half empty and both positions are correct, but the way most optimistic, It is the one that will make you enjoy life.

You have to think that everything happens, everything changes and everything can change. We can choose how we live our own situations, both good and bad. We can enjoy every present moment without escape us and we can escape from suffering without being caught us, but accepting both in perspective.

You decide how to spend every moment, as coloring every memory and how to accept each moment. You live your life and mold your present. Only you can decide to enjoy every step of the way or hold on to your fears and do not enjoy every moment.

Only you can stop when you reach your final time to time want to ask for miss what you have not done. No one can give more time to the clock, the moments pass, you decide whether or take advantage let go. Every second counts, lives and do not look back, but live or regret.

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  1. Q q what an nice place that motivates me more to value me as a person and appreciate life and loving me these are the messages q want in hard times motivation to live life


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