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5 ways to cope with a breakup

5 ways to cope with a breakup

If you're going through a breakup surely you're not the best mood and make yourself inevitable questions: How long will I be wrong? Will definitive separation? Did you feel the same as me?


Overcome a breakup


The truth is that if you love or loved that person pain is inevitable, but what you should not do is let the pain overwhelm you. There is no recipe to not suffer, but you can change the way you see what you feel. So dry your tears, keep going and remember these tips:


1. Put aside your ego


It is very hard to set aside your ego. Especially after a major conflict. You are on the defensive and all you want to do is prove that's not your fault ... but well know that's not the way you have to follow. You must be honest same Contiga Do you really think everything you say you? Or is your ego?


2. Take a break


You are in a whirlwind of emotions. So the best thing to do is take a break, you will see that you will feel relieved. Leave the pain and permítete feel good How long can it? Why keep complaining or arguing?

love break


3. Assumes the responsibilities


Assume responsibility does not mean to say you have to blame something. The most important thing is to know that you are not a victim, the break is something that happened to you and why are partly responsible. You must be honest and assume that things could have done better, and that is not to appear weak.


4. Do not talk all the time about


It's good to talk and share what happens to you, but I do not do it all the time. Neither extreme is good. Addresses the issue by making it, pay no more and no less significance than it has.


5. It recognizes that a break can be good


Why do you always have to see everything as a tragedy? Yes, It is true that breaks cause much pain, but he thinks that if it ended is because something good will come. Separated think because you learned everything you needed to learn from that person.

There may be several strategies to not feel a break as the end of the world, but one word sums it up: desdramatizar. Do not forget it and walk forward! The best of life is waiting for you!


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