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The signficado tree of life

The signficado tree of life

We carry many things that We know its meaning and origin, as for example, The Tree of Life. A decoration and / or drawing in a tree usually within a circle, where you can clearly see the branches and roots and logically It is related and symbolizes life.

The tree of Life It is a timeless universal symbol of spirituality, wisdom, goodness and redemption. Throughout history the different races and religions call it by different names but each of them the meaning the tree of life It is similar because in all cultures in which it is mentioned, It means source of life.

We can do some similarities to the development of human life with meaning the tree of life:

  • The Tree of Life has its origin in a seed like us.
  • People we grow up surrounded by loved ones, friends and governed by a set of rules that make it go spiritually mature and grow like the tree.
  • Each of our path deviations caused by the decision are represented in the tree of life through its branches.


History Tree of Life


The Trees of Life They have existed since the beginning of recorded history, paintings, embroidery, printed or sculptures. They symbolize the strength of life and the origins of the same, developing life from the roots. Sometimes they have been associated with characters and / or animals (birds, mammals).

The Tree of Knowledge and the candlestick with 7 remaining may be variations depending on certain interpretations.


Symbols and what they represent


Tree symbols are composed of all aspects of the tree itself and what they mean those elements. have the roots, the trunk, the remaining, the leaves and all kinds of fruits coming from the same tree. All these parts of the tree symbolically represent the tree.

The roots are deep, the trunk is a base, branches extending outwardly for sustenance, collect leaves force, and give the fruit for themselves.

The tree of life, you will attract good fortune into your life


Its meaning over time


The meaning of the tree of life comes from its symbolic aspects. If you check out the symbols, the meaning can be extracted by each of these symbols.

First, The Tree of Life provides, the breath of life. this blow, It is also represented by the spiritual nature of air, which it is to "inspire".

It is believed that the meaning of the tree leaves is "healing" what would be his main quality. So we look at healing not only from the physical point of view. We also see it from the standpoint of spiritual or emotional.


The Meaning of the Tree of Life and the Elements


The Tree of Life and elements are closely related. Fire, Earth, Air and water combine forces to create the wonderful life that empowers the tree.

  • Of the fire It comes the power of the sun fills the living daylights tree.
  • From Earth It comes the food that nourishes the roots that combine their strength with the sun to provide the food the tree needs to give its vital power.
  • Of the waters It has the power to absorb the vital essence of life that grows the fruit and provide those who seek eternal life with the mystical power of its unique fruit.
  • From the air there is an exchange of communication with the environment that it benefits him and the tree.


Symbolism Tree of Life and Nutrition


The tree of Life enriching symbolizes many aspects of life. In its branches, symbolizes reach out to collect food from the sun. Its leaves capture that food and care through the transformation in food that gives life.

At its roots, It delves deeply into the soul of the Earth. Embraces the Earth with its roots, and he recognizes the ground as his mother. The roots and branches recognizes Mother Earth and Father Sun. It is a full recognition of life that sustains it and its spiritual origins.


Tree Properties


  • It symbolizes: Air, Water, Fire and earth.
  • It has powers: Healing, Rejuvenation and Sustenance.
  • It's magic: Telepathy, Osmosis, Communication.


How always carry the tree of life with you


As with other symbols as Hamsa hand or Buddha figures, Many people choose to be accompanied by the tree of life to build their lives, both physically and spiritually. Like this, there are ways to always carry the tree of life and benefit from it.




Many people from different cultures believe both in which means The Tree of Life for them to decide to take on your skin becoming a Tattoo Tree of Life.

The person Tattoo The Tree of Life it does because it really is significant for him as a tattoo of this kind must have a meaning for wearer. The most common sites where the tattoo done are back, near the heart or left arm, but if you decide to make it a Tattoo Tree of Life you can do it where you want.


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