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You do not regret so let it go and move on

You do not regret so let it go and move on

Throughout our lives we will present many opportunities, some of them will take them and the other let go, for various reasons and by nature, longingly at the end we will see those that can make our lives something different we decided not to take.

We can not say whether this "different" could translate into better, but the simple intrigue of not having taken a step at the time we could, You can make us feel a lot of frustration or sadness about the potential results.

Let's move forward

So in our day to day we must leave aside fears, shut our minds and listen to that voice that sublimely invites us to walk a certain route. Fears are our worst enemies, when we disempower and take our lives in a way more courage, the risk to stay with the desire, not go the way fastest places us where we should be, decreases considerably.

To keep everybody, There is an Indian spiritual law that eases the burden us or we might feel remorse for having missed an opportunity, She tells us that: "What happens is the only thing I could do happened", which, without being destinista, It invites us to reflect on the fact that we always have millions of possibilities, but our decision will be determined by our level of preparedness, our experience, our connection with ourselves when deciding.

So it makes little sense to repent for the things we live and less why we stop living, We live exactly what we had to learn to live, make us grow and in the end what we are, even when through our ego we see insufficient. Everything in our life is perfect as it is, when we learn to accept, flowing and see with the eyes of the soul, simply can thank for each of the experiences, even grateful for those opportunities that at the time we spend.

Let reference nature, which it contains the wisdom of the universe in each of its forms, she can not resist, it flows, she accepts tacitly knows no regrets.

We have a very powerful tool that is our mind, that if we learn to use it to our advantage, We will be very easy to align ourselves with the prosperity of life, but if we give control, we will handle it at will, making us feel dissatisfied with our lives, always I am thinking that there is something better than we have, incapacitándonos to appreciate and live what is at our fingertips.


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