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Ways to be emotionally stronger

Ways to be emotionally stronger

Be emotionally stronger has nothing to do with physical strength, but rather with resistance, with the ability to deal with the ups and downs, to have a flexible mind capable of reinventing, to take on challenges with confidence, Brave resolution. We are facing a valuable tool that we should develop to enjoy a better quality of life.

Said Laozi, with great success, that is strong who conquers others, but powerful is the one who is able to conquer himself. such a feat, believe it or not, we can take a lifetime; even more, Some advances for all their life cycles without ever assume that objective, this principle of personal growth with which to gain a better perspective of self and the world around him.


Ways to be emotionally stronger


Like this, emotional strength provides us with adequate psychological resources to cope with any challenge. For this to happen, to be emotionally stronger, we need to become aware of what we want to be and what we want and do not want in our lives. Once the priorities are clear, no longer leave room for insecurities or renditions ...


How to be emotionally stronger: 7 steps to implement


Emotional strength is not something one acquires after a long trip or after embarking on a bold adventure where finding a treasure, Of course grail. In fact, to be emotionally stronger requires only a suitable interior work, a private craft, intimate and careful where appropriate mobilize psychological resources.

Let's look at a few steps with which to achieve.


1. selfconsciousness: 20 Personal reflection minutes a day


As we spend part of our day to sport, reading or watching TV, I would also highly recommended, we "regalásemos" an interval of time to reflect, to practice self-awareness.


2. Accept negative emotions


Think about something for a moment. We have been convinced for a long time that "we should be happy", we have repeated many times that the end we have become addicted of positive emotions. Something causes, somehow, We not tolerate or do not understand the object of negative emotions.

Sadness blocks us, anger overwhelms us and we swallow one disappointment after another without really knowing what to do with all these adverse emotions ... Meanwhile, emotionally strong people accept that kind of inner realities. Now well, Acceptance is not synonymous with surrender, but taking some internal facts you need to know to manage and deal.


3. Understand that obstacles are not walls, are challenges


Psychological resources that we will have to develop to be emotionally strong are not always easy or quick to take. A third strategy that we can be useful is to give a different meaning to the obstacles. Talk about them, with us and with others as if they were challenges and no end or threats doors.

Sometimes, what at first seems an end is nothing more than a direct invitation to create something new, to cross a border that will bring new opportunities.


4. Instead of foreign attention, demands respect


Some people spend much of their life feeding on other people's attention. It needs much oxygen as you breathe, because otherwise, you feel helpless or lost. Like this, to have the approval of others, gratification friends and family, validated manage and nurture self-esteem.

This unhealthy practice prevents us from being emotionally stronger. What we need is not attention, It is respect, the same offer to others so that in this way, all move being free, made people who do not need others to tell them what to do or how to show.


5. Remember, The change is part of life


Something that characterizes the people is emotionally strong enthusiasm. The enthusiastic personality is a force inside that encourages you to overcome, to find new challenges that grow, to find that impulse to leave behind toxic environments, people who do not contribute and hurt.

The change is part of life, and what stagnates, what he stands still and trapped, just breaking down, He ends up losing that wonderful enthusiasm ... Recall therefore the value of change and the need to renew itself every so often to be stronger in every way.


6. Learn to give thanks


It may at first glance it may seem somewhat naive or even unscientific, but actually the act of giving thanks every day for what has been achieved, so one has, so one is and surroundings, It is actually a very healthy exercise.

We try to keep a gratitude journal, a notebook recognize everything positive that characterizes us, that surrounds us and that somehow should provide motivation and safety at all times.


7. The best day to conquer your dreams is always today


It is emotionally stronger implies also be able to fight for what we want without fear, without insecurities, without having to postpone tomorrow's needs we have today. let's face, many of us tell ourselves that "some day" I will tell that person how much I like, "Someday" I'll ask my boss for a raise, "Someday" I will make this incredible journey, "someday"….

But "someday" never appears in the calendar. We miss the time and life eludes us through the pipes of indecision or fear. Worth it? Of course not. Therefore, we unite our confidence, self esteem, determination and a few drops of courage to climb our dreams, to defend their own needs.


In conclusion


To conclude, Being emotionally stronger is a task that never really ends. It is a daily task, It is a psychic tendon and to exercise care in every challenge, to apply in every adversity and every dream. Is an act of self confidence which understand that happiness works, that welfare is grown with love and esteem.


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