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5 Tips to feel closer to your partner if you are at a distance

5 Tips to feel closer to your partner if you are at a distance

Having a long distance relationship is not easy. The good news is that you can do several things to feel closer to your partner if they are at a distance.

1. Stay one in the house when visiting other

See each other is important, but not all. Instead of finding a midpoint, or go on vacation together, It is the best one staying home when visiting other. This way they can learn more things everyday that can then share when they are away.


2. Talk as much as possible

The most important thing you can do to create intimacy while they are separated is talking. Talk about your day, what you've done, where have you gone, Who have you been with, and asks the same question to your partner. Discuss the details, no matter how trivial they may seem.

3. Make video chats every day

Even when both are busier, ask yourself a few minutes to a video chat. Being able to see each other every day, even for five minutes, will help them develop privacy even in the distance. Consistent visual connections build familiarity and trust.


With smartphones and mobile applications there are no excuses for not frequently sent photos. You can even take pictures throughout the day and send them instantly, as a quick and easy way to share your daily experiences. It also helps to show transparency in your daily life, which it is a key factor in maintaining living trust.


5. Avoid unjustified jealousy

Since you are not sharing the daily life of your partner, Perhaps this end sharing important moments with others. And that's fine. Try to control your jealousy and understand that your partner simply needs to be in contact with others, without affecting the love he feels for you.

If you have a couple in the distance, What other things do you do to feel closer?


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