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7 Signs That You're A Free Soul

7 Signs That You

There is something very attractive about free souls, will produce a special feeling when you find yourself surrounded by some of them and They tend to have a profound effect on your attitude and your life. It's something amazing.

Free soul people should be recognized, celebrated and beloved. They can be of many types, I know musicians who are, teachers, librarians, mothers, athletes, technology lovers and a variety more. But these free souls have something in common:


1. A person free soul knows the true meaning of being free.


People are dreamy, passionate and loving life. Also they tend to have a free thought, They think for themselves, They make their own decisions and discover their own beliefs. Do not feel pressured by social expectations about how they should be. Well they know that freedom is to choose to surround yourself with friendly people, generous, understanding and empathetic. For a free thinker is not something that is absolutely good or absolutely bad, They have learned that life is full of nuances and that "good and bad" things in general are part of an opinion. Free souls They are welcoming people, open and understanding, and others like surround himself with his presence.


2. A person free soul welcomes adversity.


Free souls pursue their passions. Whether you spend a year traveling, studying something of interest, testing a new interest or simply discovering the pleasure that gives them their life on a daily basis, They choose to live their lives in a way that makes them happy.

These people do not let themselves be overcome by their obstacles. No matter if the money, the time or circumstance; a free soul always finds a way to accomplish what you want to do.


3. Free souls let go of all that prevents them from moving forward in life.


They are very aware and alert people, so quickly they notice when something is not bringing them in life and, little by little, the van letting go wisely. A job that is not leading them anywhere, A harmful relationship, a negative mental state, etc; They are the kind of things you decide to leave out of their lives.

constantly re-discovered and are reflected in the things that make them so "they". Free souls worry to improve its flaws and insecurities, but they are also the thought that no one is perfect.


4. Free soul people do not care, deal.


Free souls are proud of their achievements, but you rarely see them boast. They like to do well in life, but impress others is not within their priorities. Material things are nice, but people of free spirit They tend to prefer things experiences. And when they worship one thing, in general, It is because it has sentimental value for them. For a free soul work is something important, but not the most important thing in their lives. They are identified with the said "He is working to live, not live to work. "


5. A free soul is spontaneous.


They are people who see in all situations a reason to feel happiness. Whether it sounds your favorite song on the radio or the birth of their first child, from the most contidiano to the most extraordinary, they live every moment valuing the gift of being alive.

They are curious people who love to discover the world. Talk to a new person, know a new place, watch a movie or read a book that is not necessarily your style, They are just examples of things they like to do. Free souls believe in unlimited possibilities and identify with the saying "if you smile to life, life will smile back. "


6. A person Soul rebel Free for higher purpose.


Not that free souls are simply rebelling because there is a certain "system", class or any authority. They appalled by causes and deep ideals, when you really feel in the depths of your being the conviction for something. They are consistents and do not like to see that there are people like "Cura Gatica: he preaches and does not practice ". Free soul people join causes and take your lifestyle. They do not like rebellion by the simple act of being rebellious, actually they think that many rebelliousness do more harm than good. Why they choose their causes well and incorporate them into your lifestyle.


7. A person of free spirit brings out the best of any situation.


Instead of being negative and pessimistic, a free soul always finds a way to see the glass half full, and They manage to turn a bad day into a good one, or at least one learning. That is why free souls are those who spend the best in life. Have realized that the best time to do things now, Athough it does not seems. They identify with the saying "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"". This attitude Resilient It reflected in how to live their lives and others love them for it.


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