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It heals your emotional wounds

It heals your emotional wounds

In life we tend to deal with different situations, in any way for that is life, to experience, meet, understand and deal with obstacles, We fall and learn to stand up and continue, We encounter with Allied and stormy relations, We stock wounds and memories...

In that way we suffer losses, ruptures, separations, clearences, In addition to all the benefits, achievements and successes that are part of our way, However, are these sad and painful memories, which are rooted with greater force and perhaps more time in our soul.


We do not choose to suffer


Suffer a penalty in our existence, It is more common than it seems and many times, We do not give ourselves the space to heal our wounds, but by courage or good will, We got up immediately and go forward, in this mission of struggle that we have in life.

It is not our choice to suffer, in the majority of cases, simply things happen, the fatality, the discomforts and the flavors they appear in our life without warning and in many cases we have to just try to understand and accept.

Of course, that is not bad have the will and the courage to stand up and move forward after a fall that hurts, but somehow we have to take a space to be really healthy, to pass the process of overcoming the pain we suffer, the suffering and sadness, somebody has been the cause of what has happened to us.

emotional wounds


Healing is a process


Rather than stay engrossed in the situation, is a matter of process, of understanding and above all accept what happened, so you can spend part of good way to our past, otherwise it will remain a thorn, an opening, a crack, a wound bleeding constantly in our interior, by not having a time to heal and regenerate.

The stages of this process will depend on us, each who has a different rhythm and is wise to respect these times, without forcing anything, everything should flow with ease as only the fill will heal the wound and this only happens living pain and assimilating the separation.


emotional wounds


Always take time for your emotional wounds, respects and lives your pain, understand that you are a human being and that it's okay to feel bad and that with that same acceptance, You can get up really healthy and continue your way.

Time heals emotional wounds, they say there, and you must have your certainty as just to pass the time we can look back and realise what we have been able to overcome, many times we don't even know where we are able to tolerate and until point endure pain, We only realized until we live it, Why give fitted to the passage of time to recover is the opportunity not to leave footprint unbalanced, so not to open old wounds...

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