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Winter health as Daoism

Winter health as Daoism

We are in the season that the Chinese calendar calls “severe cold” and it is very easy to lose the energy balance of the body and sick. Chinese medicine, supported by Taoist philosophy, advises a number of precautions to maintain health during this period of recollection.

One of the central texts of Chinese medicine, origin of acupuncture protocols, the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi neijing) explained that humans should adapt to the different seasons since each has different qualities; particularly, the less sun (yang energy sky)in nature unless vital energy (Qi) You access man and nature in general. This means that, unlike in the spring or summer, not recommended walks outdoors or exercise outdoors because there is a great influx of energy and cold is a risk (it should be noted that a person living in a tropical climate should not be as rigorous, but notice the peculiarity of time, requiring adjustments).

The Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor recommended

-In winter you should bed early and get up late. This is especially important to take care kidney.

During the year, we would have hoarded vital energy to have a reservation to get through the winter, in the same way that food supplies were sought prior to withstand the winter, It is necessary to cultivate energy supplies. This is done by qi-gong, or some practice of internal alchemy (nei-dan), and of course practicing moderation. In autumn it is recommended especially care for the lungs, This also probably with winter in mind, for our healthy respiratory system reaches the cold season.

Winter health as Daoism

In winter the emphasis is on health system kidneys, yin body linked to the energy which produces the vital essence, “Jing”. This vital essence is linked with semen and genetic information, so it is also recommended not to have ejaculations, especially in winter where energy is low, but overall Taoism recommends the cultivation of vital essence and not its dilapidation, so there are sexual alchemy techniques, which they are secret. Involvement of the vital essence, according taoísmo, prevents a person to live long (Longevity is one of the major objectives of this philosophy). evidently, in winter it is recommended not to consume food or beverages that may damage the kidney.

The kidney, In addition, produces spinal, manufacturing bloods and is responsible for the will, so when a person ceases to be willing and decays in mind a Chinese doctor looks for the source of the problem in the kidney and the production of its essence. Taoism speaks poetically as kidney “Ocean life” and the “prenatal source of existence“. The kidney function is vital in activating Ming-Men, the call “Gate of Vitality” It is serving to heat the body and produce intangible fugo. Poetically in Chinese medicinal alchemy, It is the kidney, Water, fire source.

Chinese medicine recommends technique rub his nose before leaving to stimulate the body temperature; take food warmer in winter to compensate; bring energy into meditation and exercises.


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