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Tips to make the most of your time at work

Tips to make the most of your time at work

We are all concerned be productive, but we are constantly fighting with distraction, our energy levels and bad habits that affect our performance. If you wonder how to get the most out of your time and meet your goals these 6 Mark McCartney tips, couch of leadership at the University of Oxford, They will help you achieve:


Get more out of your time




Close the door to distractions and just focus on doing one thing at a time. It may sound too simple, but in reality is not as simple as it sounds. Who often try multitasking, I mean, perform several tasks at once find it particularly difficult, but it is very necessary. Since according to a study juggle multiple tasks actually negatively impacts productivity, therefore invites distraction and this generates errors. However, it has become extremely popular because it makes people feel good even though they are actually working worse.


2. Do not fight against distractions.


According to McCartney who perform the work faster they are those who do not fight against distractions. On the other hand, They work in small blocks of time during which concentrate and focus intensely. Then distraction becomes a bridge between one task and another. One way not to get distracted from what is really important is to ask: "I finished today it was important for me and my work?"".


3. Simpler is better.


This point is extremely important not only in the workplace, also in life. In the words of Lao Tse: ""To gain knowledge, increases things every day. For wisdom, remove things every day ". It's best not to extend the list of pending tasks done unnecessarily and. For example it is desirable to reduce the volume of mails to the extent necessary. This saves you time soon everyone.


4. Find your own rhythm and respect him.


Find what rate is the most favorable and we work in your favor can make everything feel easier, as if we enter into a natural flow of energy. If you feel cooler in the mornings performs work that requires higher concentration, thought or creativity first. If on the contrary, you're more night, record your ideas before going to sleep and wake up with those intentions.


5. Do not become a robot.


Bring the idea to an extreme efficiency can backfire. What robots they are efficient for certain tasks, but there are still tasks that only humans perform. So it is better you focus on being effective and cultivate your creativity.


6. Be honest with yourself.


Even if you could fool the rest of the world can not you fool yourself, it's best to be honest about your habits and what are you willing to do to change. You need to have this clear and periodically remind, especially when you get back to your old habits, so that you remember your reasons for making an extra effort. Do not fool youself, It develops better clarity, perseverance and discipline. These qualities require effort, but reap the fruits thanks to them they will be worth it.

The accelerated pace of urban life, competitive environments and other factors can be overcome terrible obstacles or challenges, depending on how you decide to see them. The most important thing is to assume the role of pilot in your life. Pursuant you realize that you can shape your experience you will acquire greater security and satisfaction.


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