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How to Know If a chakra is open or closed

How to Know If a chakra is open or closed

The Chakras are vortexes of energy through which flows through our life force be. Each of the chakras correspond to different aspects of our being and affect the physical aspects, mental and emotional.

Most of the therapists expressed that it is a good sign that our chakras are open because we we will feel in tune with our experiences, with the environment and with others.

Knowing if a Chakra is open or closed

When we have blocked or closed chakra experience a feeling of blockade of energy in the body, power fails, does not flow properly and organs related to the chakras that are closed.

When we feel gozozos with the life our chakras are open for receive the power around. When we experience pain, rage and low emotions our chakras often close as a mode of protection, especially when we find stressful or chaotic environments.

When we are in communion with ourselves our chakras glow, and radiate a wonderful light energy that allows us to connect with life. We experience a feeling of well-being, balance, stimulation and connection with the whole.

Therefore, to the “Open mind and be aware“, the symptoms of our body and emotions, There are signs that allow us to elucidate the State of our chakras.

There are countless techniques to develop and maintain the balance of chakras. But to begin, you can perform the following questions to find out to test the status of your chakras. Then with this initial information can find a way to correct and balance them according to whatever you think is most suitable for you.

His response is “Yes”, the chakra is probably open. If you find weak responses or you are not simply unsafe you focus consciously on the development of that area of your life in order to achieve a better balance.

How know if a Chakra is open or closed

Review the chakras


Root chakra


Do I feel physically vibrant, healthy and powerful in the world? Do I feel at home here? I feel as if it belongs to me? I have a strong desire to live? I love me my body and appreciate as a wonderful treasure? I am a person of high energy, moving boldly through life?


Chakra sacrum


I have a strong healthy sex drive? Do I feel confident and sexual full? Do I express myself sexually, and give and receive pleasure? You have to express myself creatively feel wonder and compliance??


Solar plexus chakra


I know what I want, and have confidence in being able to say that? Can I make decisions and act on them? Am I aware of my emotions and be able to control them? I am capable of mental type and resolve through my feelings? I am emotionally fulfilled?


Heart chakra


Do I have to comply, healthy relationships? Do I love myself, friends and family, and they have a strong sense of compassion for all living beings? Do I accept others as they are, without that change? Do I expect the best of people, and look for the best of them? I am good in cooperation? Do I stay in the moment and the results of the delivery for the universe?


Throat chakra


Can I express myself with skill and ease? Do I do the practical things that I have to do to be healthy?, happy and successful? Do I take responsibility for my life instead of blaming others for my problems and waiting for others to take care of me?? Do I try to do it as best as possible, and I feel worthy of reward or compensation for my efforts? Do I have enough faith in myself to take risks, accept the challenges, and create ways of realization?


Third eye chakra


I am mentally strong and able to resolve things? I have a lot of creative ideas, and the habit of taking the necessary measures to make them reality? No answers or ideas come to me as mentally trying to understand things? Am I able to visualize my goals and dreams? How can I define realistic and attainable objectives? My experiences of support and validate my belief about life??


Crown chakra


I feel as if I was part of something great and wonderful? Do I feel connected to Dios/spirit of the universe, and I feel that my life has a purpose? Am I able to see myself with honesty, and to discover the lessons of my experiences in order to develop wisdom?



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  1. I'm fried and all misaligned with my chakras

  2. If I don't have harmony with a chakra, coml can I do to fix it?

  3. Excellent thanks for sharing


  5. Good night, how I can open these chakras, because I feel some crashes, Thank you..

    • I think I miss prufundidad. for example where they are located the chackras? as I can unlock or open? As keep them open? etc

  6. Puff… I have closed many chakras… how and where open…???

    • Internal work, with yourself, you must work different areas of your life, to go cleaning and opening the energy channels

    • Hay fotografías, que te muestran donde están localizados.

  7. Thank you

  8. Me siento totalmente a burrido y con muchas tristeza y mi situación económica cada día es más difícil

  9. Me parece q hay dar mas explicacion.

  10. Mas explicitos por favor!


  12. Sou un desastre, la verdad quiero mejorar y que todo fluya.


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