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Interacting with a person afraid of commitment can be problematic

Interacting with a person afraid of commitment can be problematic

When we talk about commitment most people know very well that involves responsibility and realize that some things will have to put in the balance with partner. However, some people have such a radical position on the commitment you are able to sabotage his own life in order not to feel their freedom threatened.

A commitment does not have to be implicit binding character, but it must be born and assumed from the heart.

This type of persons particularly seek to relate and do exactly what they would be comfortable, which does not necessarily satisfy those who want to relate to them. Usually people who watch so much so that generates tranquility and personal gain that can happen for selfish, emotionally immature and lacking empathic.

They want to feel accepted under certain conditions, although they are aware that they are not providing security and paradoxically expect their relations stability and delivery that they are not able to offer.

If we want to relate to a person who is afraid of losing his freedom, we must be prepared for certain things that can not be pleasant, For example: Maybe in their quest to maintain their lives without limitations commit actions only to reassert themselves they are not losing space in their lives.

These people can be quite independent emotionally, making it clear that they do not need nothing except from themselves, which it is in a dangerous border between disinterest and detachment. Link without attachment is the best way to love, in fact it is the only way to really love, because it's with someone else, by preference, not necessity. However, generally does not match the profile of those who are afraid of commitment.

Evaluate what you're looking for in your relationship and see if what you're getting from the other person adapts to what you want in your life. Because beyond living in the present, We all hope that there is a future and if there is not a willingness to tomorrow to feel that a relationship is a limitation of what could potentially occur, It is likely to behaviors that threaten the relationship are permanently present.


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