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Passive Aggressive recognizes a

Passive Aggressive recognizes a

People with passive-aggressive behavior, They characterized by applying violence disguised form and obstruct or disobeying instructions and activities of any kind, using passive resistance.

It is said to be rational behavior, where the individual is aware of what makes.


Difficulty expressing anger directly


They never say they are angry, They say for example: "I nothing happens". They use monosyllabic in his answers: "Yes, No”. Or simply use "the silent treatment".




Always they think to be right, it is difficult to listen or accept an opinion that contradicts.


Lateness and tardiness


It costs them time to reach and exceed their commitments at regular times to exercise any activity. You may be take so long to attend an event you do not want to go, that upon arrival, and has completed.




Put off many of the activities that should attend, replacing them irrelevant or minor.




They use irony and sarcasm to express their discomfort or anger.


External locus of control


Responsibility for what happens is not theirs, but in their environment. Examples: "I did not give a time because the analyst did not provide me the information, what bad luck I have, I was not in my destiny "


Double meaning


The values ​​you algo, surely there will be a hidden background.




They not rejoice goods made by others, on the other hand, the envy.


Bad intention


Seeking attitudes have hurt or hurt those around, isolate people and make them feel guilty nearby.




Manipulate any content to shape that suits them.


Complaints and nonconformity


They are never satisfied and manifest at every opportunity his idea that things are bad, usually without providing solutions.




Good, already you have some of the indicators of the usual behavior of passive-aggressive people.

You can identify some acquaintance with this list?

Well, I would not, because these people are very harmful in environments which are handled, They are people with great resentment, low self-esteem and often with sequelae of abuse during the period of his childhood and because of this manifest this type of indirect violence.

Treatment is complicated, because they usually do not accept they have a problem, that affects them and those around him, obviously there is hope for change, on the recognition of behavior and its consequences, but only depends on the person Passive-Aggressive Behavior.

We try to reach them open their eyes, but the signs described above change, as in most cases, You must come from within the individual.

When the relationship with these people affect us negatively and substantially we not see any initiative that seeks to change behavior, our duty is to get away and cut emotional ties, before us victims who introduced the Passive-Aggressive Behavior.


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