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How we react to love as we age

How we react to love as we age

We are constantly evolving, each 7 years our thinking to see things change. and having another projection life. For this reason, our romances also tend to change and take another direction, depending on our maturity.

Every experience we have makes us wiser in the field of love, so here you'll notice the difference relations.

AGE 15 -18: ¿ QuIt is I'm doing?

This is the first stage of having a boyfriend where we can experience the first contacts in all aspects.
It is when "going to the movies" means a meeting of the second phase.
At this age, kids want to experience, They are at the time that all calls attention to them and how they think they have short time want to try everything. But remember that you have to go easy, this is your first love, but not the only one to meet more interesting people.
To end the relationship will be very painful, not cease to mourn in months, but then you realize that life goes on and gradually get over.

AGE 19-20: I need emotionfromn

The stage of being a girl and now feel happened to you made a woman, so you're ready to go with men, but still enjoy spending time with kids.
At this stage you will leave with many guys want to find the right person, because you want to seek a formal relationship. However, the story of how your parents met at this age constantly on your mind, so you do not remove the idea that any guy could be the one.

AGE 20-23: ¿PODRinto be love?

Already adult, You think you have all sufficient knowledge about the love life safely.
This stage is when you start out with guys who met at a party and think it is mature enough to keep you entertained and mysterious for a while.
However, when you realize that he is not interested in having a stable relationship you away from your life. This usually happens when they have been hurt before and want to think twice before engaging a somewhat formal.
Furthermore they begin to think about your goals as a professional, their dreams. It is no longer essential to have a couple, but also wants to be part of their projects.

AGE 23-25: You know what you want

At this age you realize you knew nothing about love.
You realize you've grown when you have the courage to end with your partner in the first moment you disrespected.
You realize that it is human to make mistakes and that a relationship is necessary to recognize them and ask forgiveness when necessary.
Know they have different points of view and you have to accept the other person as it is and not judge why.
This is the stage when it starts to form enduring relationships.

Create beautiful memories with your partner

AGE 25 hereinafter: At last adult!

This is the age when you start to be more detailed and punctual in their appointments.
Imports the first date, talks with, their way of seeing things.
Both love to be at parties and plan of work have a future together.
If you find yourself single at this age it is because you are focused on your goals. That's not bad. Along the way you will come across someone who has the same goals as you and may be accompanied.

From now on, as we find love, we must seize every moment of our lives and even more with our partner, with whom you are living your best story, trying to do any of these things together.
This becomes more important when you've got a special person with whom you share every day of your life.
We leave a list of things you have to do, even once in your life with that person you love so much. Do not miss more time.

Couple activities to do at home at any age

  • Live together: Definitely, It is the best way to meet and know if they really are prepared to live a lifetime together.
  • taking nap: Relax next to the person you love it is beautiful and very tender. Curl up next to each other one afternoon after eating is one of the best feelings of this world.
  • To tell secrets: The key to any relationship is trust. Have some other secrets will make much more special to the other person.
  • Cook together: You can take advantage of a weekend, stay at home and prepare a meal or dessert and enjoy the moment of the situation. a well nice connection which binds more couples create.
  • Eating in bed: The best thing that can happen is to eat in bed with your special someone and watching a movie marathon. The tranquility of being with that person makes ties grow.
  • Personal grooming: Prepare together a mask or face cream. Arranged with each other is one of the most intimate moments.

Couple activities away from home for any age

  • Go to the beach: An unforgettable day at the beach will have very cute romantic adventures and memories.
  • A long trip: New cultures is the best thing that can happen. Travel to places we've never seen is very exciting and with your partner.
  • Have a few drinks: They can go out partying or stay home; with a liquor bottle, some games, some dance music and discover how good it is to have fun together.
  • Extreme activities: One of the best experiences you can have in life, are extreme activities.
  • Walking in the rain: We enjoyed feeling the rain fall on us and feel a lot better if we experience with the special person. It is much more romantic.
  • Kissing in the rain: Out on a rainy day and paddle, jump in puddles and bésense as they do in the movies.
  • Have a pet: There is no better way to engage. It is a great responsibility and a first test if you live together.
  • Exercise: Go jogging together, go to the gym, prepare a diet and set goals that get.
  • Experience in privacy: This plus help avoid falling into monotony. Like this, you can keep the flame of love burning.


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