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8 reasons why a man would never cheat on someone you love

8 reasons why a man would never cheat on someone you love

I always have that doubt in my mind why a man cheats on a woman? With so many disappointments and betrayals, women actually come to believe that no man is worth and believe that love does not exist and is an illusion that only happens in the movies or novels.

I'm not a perfect man, but in every relationship I've had I've never had problems with infidelity or betrayal. I have always tried to prevail respect and trust. Because I know that to deceive a woman, you will generate long-term damage. He will surely be unable to trust another man, perhaps for a few years. Real men do not cheat. Here's why:


1. Real men are emotionally stable


Not only women suffer to control their emotions. I can even dare to say that women are better able to control their emotional intelligence, unlike men who prefer bottle '.

Until they can not take it anymore and exploit. When something goes wrong in a relationship, Women may weep, complain, Rabid matching, or become indifferent, -Men but weak men- They pretend not to feel anything.

When the glass drop rebalsa, They look for anything that can make itself felt relieved, any way to release tension. They take. smoking. they have sex. Unfortunately, as these are not in communication with his wife, They have sex with whatever they find out there. Real men, They have the ability to deal with their emotions in an appropriate manner.


2. Real men have enough willpower to keep it in his pants


A real man, I dont know risks spoil everything it has for a few minutes in bed with a woman he most likely will not have no chemistry. If you are really eager to have sex, then why not do it with the woman who loves you?


3. Real men do not go out with women who do not love or do not believe they can get to do someday


Why go find a rear, if it can be delivered at home? Real men understand that Women are not objects, Therefore, They not used simply to satisfy their own needs. When they realize they do not love a woman, They do know is, rather than continue in a lie.


4. Real men are respectful


They treat people with respect, especially when it comes to women with whom they are dating. Being unfaithful is lying, destroy the trust, It is proving that you do not mind your partner or a lover, friend humans.

Being unfaithful, You're trying to act like you're better than her, but actually, you are not. If you destroy the confidence you have in yourself, You never really recover. I had to learn the hard way.


5. Real men do not need to get feminine "accomplishments" to feel more men


Many "men" today, They believe it is admirable to sleep with as many women as possible, as if it were a kind of game, and women were collectibles. Real men always prove that is through behaviors and attitudes.


6. A real man, He would never hurt the woman he loves


To be fair, a real man, He would never hurt any woman, and especially not the woman they see as a complement themselves. A real man loves and He cares for himself and for everyone close to him.


7. Real men know what is important in life


Decent men are so busy living the life of your dreams They do not have time to deviate from the excesses. They are working to get everything they want in life, but most importantly they know what they really want.

That one woman who will love your whole life, It is what really matters. What else you will not even remember.


8. A real man has the guts to finish with a woman


If you plan to be unfaithful, then clearly You do not want to be with her. I matured for your stuff and simply end the relationship ponle. Also you will do sooner or later.


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