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8 reasons why you should fall in love with a strong woman

8 reasons why you should fall in love with a strong woman

A strong woman is not that insecure girl and does not know what he wants, A strong woman is confident and always will teach you to see the world in a different way. The strong girl is a great woman and a great companion who does not believe in casual relationships, but in those where I can love with complete freedom and feeling herself. Here are some features that every woman who is strong emotionally:


1. You always hear

She cares what happens to you and what you feel, so it never refuses to listen and advise when you need it. Do you understand the, at least, will try to understand your point of view. He will not overlook what you feel and what you said, it respects your opinion.


2. He is confident

He knows what he wants and who is. It is decided and inspire you to be the same. You always say what you want. And, eye, Maybe in a moment you cele, but only to prove, he knows that not leave by anyone. And, if you do, the first thing will be to leave.


3. It's independent

He loves you and loves to be with you, but you can live if you're not at your side all the time. You can do the things you like, You can meet your goals and you can be happy for herself, and that does not mean you're not in your mind all the time and they do not love with all your heart.

4. Always will support you

To it a strong relationship, real and committed is being together in good times and bad. And, for her, that's too important, so it will always be supporting you and motivating you what you need. It will be your best ally.


5. He will not play with your feelings

It never will make you suffer just because, he knows that feelings are something delicate and has no intentions to hurt. You always say what you really feel, so do not fear an "I love you" false, because your mouth will not leave.


6. It is honest

The strong girl is not interested in lies or stories. Always go with the truth, even if it is painful. Always be honest with you, because it wants you to be what her.


7. You will see life differently

A strong woman has things clear, does not let intimidated by anything nor let others hurt you. is not afraid of commitment, not least postponed by someone who is not worth. Not your typical girl you have to take care all the time, in fact, sometimes even it is stronger than you and inspire you to be the same.


8. It will show another side of love

The strong girl does not seek casual relationships. He wants someone to accompany you on all your adventures and, also, in your comfort zone. He wants a life partner, someone to count on at all times. And so you would always show, offering a sincere love, which can be tender, funny and sometimes complex, but which always worth fighting.


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