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9 reasons to stay with whoever fight for you

9 reasons to stay with whoever fight for you

Love is not perfect as it looks in the movies.

Suddenly does not come to your door or stay by your side just because, as if by magic. It's not like if you asked at the stars, please, that person will never stop loving you.

Trust me, I've tried and does not work, for love is much more complex, something that requires effort and your courage for every day you have the strength to fight for the persona.De useless to stay next to someone if you will not fight.


Stay with whoever fight for you


Nothing good is love if you do not put the effort in doing and things work everyday. Nothing good is to be with someone who does not want to fight to have you at his side, so they can live their love daily.


Stay with whom fight for you


Stay with someone who is willing to fight for you every day.


To stay by your side despite the happy moments.


Stay with whoever is able to love you even if you give reasons to hate you.


Stay with whom you choose daily, Nonetheless, because they do not want to stop loving you.


Stay with whom you see as you are and you fall in love with virtues and defects.


Who is able to see your wounds, scars and do not stray.

Who knows your battles and encourage you daily to overcome.


Stay with who understands the connection that both may have.


Who wants to keep love afloat, Nonetheless.

With whoever can not throw it all away, even if the storm is the only landscape they face at this time.


Stay with who know that together you can see the sun and who is sure that things will improve if they go hand in hand.


Stay with that person who really loves you, with that tell you you're the first thought on waking and the last to sleep.


Who die every day for your kisses.

With anyone ever let go hand, because he believes that when it touches your skin nothing else matters.


Stay with whom vibrate with your touch, who see hope in your eyes and the light in your smile.


Stay with who do not put on a pedestal, but to be able to love you as you are.


With whom he stay with you because he loves you, not because he only likes your company, but because you are really important.


Stay with whom fight for you.


By surprise and conquer daily.

Who always show you will never stop loving you, even if you touch them to face a storm, knowing that together hand in hand the sun always going out.


Stay with whom take your hand when you want to leave.


Who embrace when you do not ask.

Who kiss you to remove your doubts.

Who wants to be your friend, Companion, accomplice and lover, they say that in life you should not only find a couple, but an accomplice who is in all.


Stay with anyone willing to make you happy and fight for you as if your larger purpose, for love they have is something that is worth fighting.


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