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What people wonder when you first see?

What people wonder when you first see?

It's hard when we have a first job or we'll go to a meeting where we know we know new people because we fear for the impression that we can give Is it good, It will be bad? What you pay attention first? Harvard professor, Amy Cuddy, psychologists Susan Fiske and Peter Glick and along more than 15 years studied The principles by which is created the first impression and they discovered certain patterns of behavior.

People who see us for the first time, automatically these two questions are asked:

  • "Can I trust this person?""

  • "I respect this person?""

In the professional field, people believe that the most important factor is competition. Which is reasonable because, everyone wants to prove that they are smart and talented enough to fulfill their job responsibilities.

However, In fact, Confidence is a key factor when people evaluate or judge us.

""From the evolutionary perspective -dice Cuddy-, for our survival it is more important to know whether a person deserves our trust or not"".

This makes perfect sense because for the cavemen was much more important if your new companion was not going to kill and steal all their belongings to understand if he was smart enough to light the fire.

However, the teacher does not reject completely the competence and experience of each person. Cuddy notes that are evaluated only after it has an established trust. So we should not empecinarnos to demonstrate intelligence or strength because in the end can lead to unwanted results.

If the person to whom you want to impress, do not trust, trust me you are going astray, Only you will achieve what you want by transmitting a reliable image and warm. After them and you can demonstrate your professional skills or other qualities.

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