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What is a yoga retreat ?

What is a yoga retreat ?

Yoga retreat, possibly you've heard it, but you may not know exactly what is. It's live for a few days in healthy living with more people (Although it can be done in solitude) where to disconnect from the daily routine and find an ideal space to meditate and relax the most away from any concern.

Benefits of a yoga retreat

As we have already said, a yoga retreat is to be with yourself and inside, be with more people or not. It allows us to devote ourselves time to ourselves and forget our daily routine, being a necessary disconnect that will allow us to return with fully charged batteries.

What is a yoga retreat

Every day, labour and economy problems, as mobile technology addiction, Internet, television, etc., they have no place on a yoga retreat. That is so recommended for everyone, especially people who have some level of Workaholism, gadgets, etc.

How yoga is done in a yoga retreat, as an intern you will improve notably the form of postures, Get tips and greater benefits in your practice, being a formidable immersion in this discipline.

In addition to learning and devote time to you same or same, you will also have time to relax, to eat healthily and be more in touch with your inner self. Can also incorporate new habits and discover what are toxins that accompany you every day and do not you realize that weigh you down.

All this all off, with a yoga retreat you will also learn to be happier in your day to day, regardless of whether your work is routine and repetitive. You will acquire a new way of seeing life and how to channel your inner energy.

Do you feel like a retreat of these?


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