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What is meditation

What is meditation

What is meditation

You've possibly heard on countless occasions talking about meditation and the many benefits, but… do we really know what is meditation? It is not something as simple as a comfortable stance and try not to think about anything, It is something a bit more complex and that reports a large number of benefits.

This is meditation

We could say that meditation is a way of silencing our mind that has been practiced for many centuries. In fact, It is so old that does not know exactly what is its origin. What is known is that he has been present in many of the spiritual traditions of many countries of the world.

With the pace of life where we always go with haste and stress, meditation is something fantastic because it will allow us to disconnect from the routine chaos to which we are subjected every day.

Meditation will make we can park the constant thought and reach a State that will allow us to find a space in our completely free of thoughts inside. This is something that may seem quite easy but is not, to get to a good level of meditation you have to train much.

Little by little we will be seeing the results and getting to be longer without thinking of anything, achieving an important level of relaxation and peace of mind that makes us as well to our Organization.

With meditation you can take control of our internal thoughts and we can increase our health, both mental and physical as well as developing emotional intelligence, our IQ, improve our memory, us releases stress and depression, It helps to be more empathetic with people and it may even increase our happiness and reduce rates of anxiety that we have.


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