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What is zen meditation

What is zen meditation

The zen meditation It is one of the many forms of meditation, something very practiced in the world and whose base lies in the zen Buddhism. It is a Buddhist philosophy that aims to be able to reach the truth that human beings externally.

Objectives of zen meditation

Leave the mind and connect with the universe can be achieved with zen meditation, causing them to gain great knowledge, leaving aside the limitations of reason and also the subjectivity that human beings have in any aspect.

To make this kind of meditation correctly it is very important to have some experience because you have to learn how to control the mind and let go of the ego and the reasoning, something that you don't get from night to morning. For this it is necessary to follow the guidance of an experienced teacher and rely on it to make it an open door to achieve our goal.

Should work quite on it due to It is not easy to control the mind instead of happening otherwise. But with some good teachings and practice, You can end up getting without too much problem.

In zen meditation, we can find two different kinds, always subject to what we use to achieve our goal. One of them is the zen Koan meditation. The Koan is a riddle or Paradox and is on it, that will turn our meditation.

The other is the zen meditation that frees the thought. This kind of meditation attempts to focus attention in the posture that the body as well as own breath. In this way, with practice and patience, You can go getting to free the mind and thus to achieve a correct level of abstraction of thoughts.


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