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What is Power Yoga ?

What is Power Yoga ?

Among the many varieties of yoga that we find today is the Power Yoga. It's a very strong discipline and requires an effort plus when compared with other kinds of yoga. In spite of this, It is within the reach of everyone.

It was created in United States by different teachers, notably Baron Baptiste, who included this strain some more modern yoga styles that can be found in the India as Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar or the Vinyasa between others.

What is Power Yoga ?

It was created for people living with stress in a world that never stops and where everything is rush. It has the ability to transform body and mind, making the quality of life and health of those who practice it improves remarkably.

How is a Power Yoga class?

In a Power Yoga class they carry out different asanas (positions) in which you will discover little by little how go to strengthen our bodies while we know more of our inner selves.

Those who have tried it say that it is a great combination of factors among which mingle the effort and spirituality especially. Detoxifies, relaxes body and mind and help to relieve the stress accumulated during the day or for the whole week.

Practice you will also learn how to make the best Asana and better breathing techniques. His practice will help us to transform our lives into different levels and keep us in harmony with the body and the mind.

Although it is not a type of yoga that is so well known as others, are centers that have this discipline thanks to the good results that offers increasingly. Best of all is that he adapts to any body and age, without having to rely on a certain physical state.


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