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What is karma?

What is karma?

You've probably heard the word karma in a myriad of occasions, which is widely used today, Although not everyone really knows what. It is a Word from Sanskrit and which comes from the different beliefs of the Buddhism, Hinduism, ayyayazhi and the yainismo.

The meaning of karma

The first thing that must be taken into account is that it is not speaking of something that you can play or watch, He is considered a cosmic law that you've probably experienced on more than one occasion, the cause and effect, I mean, everything we do has an impact.

This is, that if something negative karma will take care of that we also have negative consequences for our life and vice versa. This leaves clear that only the man himself responsible for their actions, for this reason, We have the will to choose between good or evil to have some or other consequences.

In this case, injustice has no place in karma because there is no, in karma there is a higher being that if you judge our conduct, simply the justice is in our hands.

In addition, We must remember that there are three kinds of actions that can affect karma, as for example the physical: They are actions that we can get to make like assaulting a person, steal, etc.

On the other hand we have what could be described as verbal actions: These are the actions that we make when we talk about as when you insult a person or wish someone a bad, For example.

Finally we have the mental actions, which also influence the karma: Think badly of a person, curse you, etc. Physical, verbal or mental, These three actions are that influence the karma.


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