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Stones for 7 Chakras

Stones for 7 Chakras

Each of the 7 chakras It is typically associated with one or more stones. The premise of working with chakra stones or crystals is that every stone has the purpose of magnify o balance the energy center in which it is centered.

To choose a crystal healing, you have to search multiple attributes Stone, including its energy quality, color and intuitive or you have personal resonance with him.

List stones to chakras

The Chakra stones activate or amplify the energy of the chakras. Here is a list of stones to help you choose your crystal healing chakra depending on where you want to focus:

  • Root chakra: Red agate
  • Sacral chakra: Amber
  • Solar plexus chakra: Tiger eye
  • The heart chakra: greenstone (Calcita Green)
  • Throat chakra: Turquoise
  • Chakra third eye: Lazurite
  • Crown chakra: Amethyst

How healing stones work?

Healing stones is based on the belief that stones or crystals have a natural frequency of healing which can be activated to contribute to the movement or balance of energy around them. For chakra stones, the vibration signature of each crystal corresponds or resonates with specific chakras.

You can use the intention and intuition to activate the healing power of stones. Active imagination or views could help in access to space in which one can use stones or crystals in combination with chakra healing.

The energy is channeled and magnified through the glass. Then, It affects or resonates with the vibration or chakra frequency in which you are focusing.

How to choose a stone chakras?

First of all, You can check the stone typically associated with each of the 7 chakras listed above.

You can also use your intuition or intuitive perception to choose your healing stone. To do this, It uses the intuitive sense or senses that have more developed. You can look at the stones and see what are the most appropriate for their glow. You can feel the energy of the stone passing your hand over it and feel a tingling or warmth. Or you may simply know which one to choose when you need it.

The use of stones for healing chakras

There are many ways to use chakra stones for healing. Once you've chosen the stone you want to use in chakra healing, place it on or near the location of the chakra in the body. A lying position is easier to work with chakra stones. However, you can use a stone while you're standing or sitting just holding it in your hands or taking it as a jewel on a slope, in the pocket, or clothing as a bra to stay close to your body .

Focus on the activation of the resonance between the stone and your chakras with the power of your intention, meditation, or just relax knowing you have the support of chakra stones to harmonize frequencies.

Do not forget to clean or recharge the stones before and after use. For that, there are many methods including leave under running water or salt water for a while (be careful with salt water, as some crystals are sensitive to it), leave them in the sun or moonlight, rub with sage, burying them in the ground for an extended period of time for a more intense regeneration.

Where to place the stones in the Body Chakras

Place the stones beginning with the root chakra and continues up to help direct the flow of energy. Place the stones in each of the energy centers, such as:

  • top of the head - crown chakra
  • Front - third eye chakra
  • throat - throat chakra
  • Heart - the heart chakra
  • Belly button - the solar plexus chakra
  • pelvic area - sacral chakra
  • Ingle or feet - root chakra