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The sensible person is short, but its interior speaks at every moment

The sensible person is short, but its interior speaks at every moment

The sensible person speaks a language, the emotions. It is a very intimate perceptive language, that where the heart is always close to the surface and moments, one can feel vulnerable.

However, something I understand very well these people is that the vulnerability can be an exceptional gift, one full psychic tendon strengths. Also, Hazards of course, to minimize risks but there is also a powerful weapon: emotional intelligence.

The sensible person has always been there, camouflaged and sometimes to dilute between human landscape.

At the same time, something we all know is that it is not easy to live in a world that requires us to be like, react similarly, to see reality through the same glass ... as if we all had the same diopters and we spoke the same emotional language.

"When you are aware of everything, It becomes sensitive, and be sensitive is to have an internal perception of beauty, It is to have the sense of beauty "

-Jiddu Krishnamurti-

The daily life of the highly sensitive person often has the shape of the back of a hedgehog or texture of thorny stem of a rose. Everything hurts a little more and in turn also all excited them more.

Something is strange in the eyes of a viewer unfamiliar immune and such sensitivity, someone who without respect or conscience no doubt say that of "It is that you would grab all the tremendous, you have to be harder / a and shake once ".

However, how to do it? As we explain different jobs like Dr. Ted Zeff in his book "Survival Guide for highly sensitive person",They have a hypersensitive nervous system and some brain areas operate at higher intensity, such as the insula and those regions related to empathy and emotional reactivity.

You can not be "harder" when a brain in tune with the world possessed by other frequency. No one can become something that is not, one can not lower the volume of one's emotions when they overwhelm us, when the soul speaks and reality, suddenly, lights of incredible nuances that only you can see ...

sensitive person


The sensitive person and too high volume of their environment


Perhaps many of us have to classic friend or family member who call -cariñosamente- the "Look at me and do not touch me".

We are struck by its refined sense of smell and foremost Touch. There are certain fabrics that can not wear because they hurt, because itch, because they give allergic reactions.

Sometimes, a simple pinch or a higher than normal sound cause them dolorintenso. Also they who being in the middle of a meeting or at a party, end retired in the corner wanting to go home.

His sensory perception threshold is different, in fact, as Judith Orloff explains, psychiatrist and author of "Lemotional ibertad " all stimulation multiplies them by 50.

Now well, not all have to be painful, that delicate perceptive and emotional threshold also has the ability to tune into the beauty of life so intensely that the vast majority escapes us.

Therefore say that the high sensitivity is a gift, is no mistake, but yes, the person must be skilled at managing and properly filter each receiving stimulus.

When they do, when they get to apply a protective shield in your environment to take care of your self-esteem and emotional integrity, reach an exceptional level of maturity sensitive.

They are the ones that capture the uniqueness of the details, they who attain fullness in silence, their precious moments of solitude, there where any activity, especially artistic, become vibrant, as a kinesthetic sensations burst, pleasures, subtle emotions difficult to explain to those outside the 20% of the population in which highly sensitive people include (NOT).


The highly sensitive man and his world of silence


Alex has been to have coffee with her sister after work. Explains that It takes all day with a knot in your stomach and feel deeply exhausted.

His boss has made a few remarks about his task as head of sales, Álex small criticism is not taken well.

In fact, they have affected his other colleagues have ironized all day with the theme. Even more, He knows that the office already has a nickname: "Drama-queen".

This simple example shapes a complex reality experienced by many men PAS, because in reality, High sensitivity is not unique to the female gender.

Half the population is highly sensitive male, and it is they who are most constrained by a society that frowns even the "sensitive man", that person who lives his emotions to the surface, that who would hurt more reviews, that tear easily, who prefers sports alone and very intense empathizes with their environment.

Although high sensitivity is a topic already known by the general public, There are many people who still live in this quiet corner where to look and silence, where not to be noticed, where sometimes maintain prudential distance not to be badly damaged.

Each survives as can be in a world of pins, we know; However, respect, and the vital principle of "be and let be" should emphasize in all our environments so that all alcanzáramos and a true personal fulfillment.


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