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5 Steps to forget an impossible love

5 Steps to forget an impossible love

Experts say that when we feel the feeling of being in love and can not be with that person, It happens what is called "Effect Romeo and Juliet", and fade away, feelings of desire, momentum and need to be with the loved one increases.

It is also known as "frustration attraction", and why are so successful loves secrets.

Apparently, Effect Romeo and Juliet causes the secrecy of a relationship acts as an aphrodisiac.


Tips to overcome an impossible love


Love is not linear, there are ups and downs. You may feel better for a week, but seeing that person again or have contact with him or her, back to derrumbarte.

The impossible love can be a painful situation and, Therefore, it can adversely affect your welfare and your mental health.

Surely you wonder: "What I can do in these cases?"". You will find the answer to this question if you keep reading the following lines, where It delves into a number of tips for overcoming the impossible love.

So pay attention, because your emotional stability is at stake.


1. Get away


In any process of heartbreak, If you want to forget, you need to stop having contact with your object of love.

That does not mean you can not or need to re-see that person anymore, but it is necessary that the circuit weaken, and for this you need to spend a longer or shorter time until it happens.

The time required depends on many factors: your self-esteem, social support you have, past experiences you've had, etc.

So be patient, because you can go for long.


2. Accept


This kind of love is, as the name suggests, impossible.

It is not easy to accept, but it sounds hard this statement, this is part of life. Surely you can not avoid the impossible love hurts you, but what it depends on you is your attitude to this phenomenon and how long you want to stay anchored to the suffering.

To go ahead and overcome it must be accepted, on the contrary, only you will be avoiding facing reality.


3. Tell someone


If you feel you are having difficulties to overcome and that pain has taken over your life, You do not have to keep it to yourself. Obviously you should not be singing it from the rooftops, but you can tell a good friend to give you support and be there for you in the most delicate moments.

This will help relieve some of the pain and allow you to have someone to trust.


4. Follow your life and quiérete


It is important not to obsessions and paralyze you.

To overcome this situation, you need to get on with your life, you marques goals that fit with your own desires and fight to get your goals.

You must give meaning to your life, because if you're not happy with yourself and struggles not to be, You can hardly get over it.


5. Seeking psychological help


In some cases, the person who feels an impossible love sinks, Stun really coming to live and problematic situations for their own health and quality of life.

Maybe, For example, there is a problem of self-esteem or social skills deficits background, that does not let you get out of this situation emotionally fatiguing.

If you tried to overcome it by yourself and see that you do not advance, maybe you should go to psychological therapy, for a mental health professional gives you the opportunity to learn and develop different tools to improve your wellbeing.

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