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5 phrases that will never tell a man who does not love you

5 phrases that will never tell a man who does not love you

When we are really in love we look for ways to make the other person feel what you feel about him or her. Otherwise when you do not love someone so much you're not as demonstrative, physically or talking, because they do not feel the desire nor the need to express affection for that person.

That's why if you're with someone who you think does not love you enough need to understand that there are certain things you will ever say.


1. "I love you"


When you really love those born without pressure palaras, at unexpected times and come to show that the feeling behind the words is true, and it is said from the heart.


2. "We will always be together"


Someone who does not love you so much promise you will never be with you forever. Someone who loves you, on the other hand, I often tell, for that it is what you expect from the relationship and what you want for both.

No problems will promise you a lifetime together.

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3. "When we'll be old…"


Want to spend a lifetime together is part of being in love. However, when someone truly loves you will include in its future and even they tell you what they will do when they grow up.


4. "Thanks for making me so happy"


When you love and feel loved joy comes over you.

You feel safer, more comfortable, calmer and happier. And you know you owe the great love that your partner hands you. That's why those words are born without problems, because actually you feel that person makes you immensely happy and looking for all possible ways to thank.


5. "Stay with me"


When you love someone really you do not want to stay away. Do not like goodbyes, even for a few hours. You want to stay by your side because their presence makes you feel good.



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