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Nostalgia for the memories

Nostalgia for the memories

Mainly, people who go to a psychological clinic, hopeful does one thing: to help her stop feeling that pain that overwhelms. And this becomes (at least initially), the main task of the therapist.

However with the passage of time the person realizes that is not there for that reason, que el dolor que siente no es tanto por la pérdida de su pareja como por la posibilidad de perder sus recuerdos.

weeps, born, suffering and pain for their memories. The horrible feeling now comes from feeling nostalgia.


Nostalgia for the memories


Seguramente cuando te preguntan ¿qué es lo que extrañas de esa persona por la que sufres?

Your answer will almost always be: moments together, the beginning of the relationship, the family that we were, etc.

I mean, They miss the memories that were forged with that person.

Very rarely I've met someone tell me: "What kind of question is that? Strange thing to him / her! In his magical smile, its unique aroma, his special look. I miss that person ".

pain memories

Nostalgia is beautiful and devastating at the same time, Therein lies its brutality.

And the above is because when the link with that person ends generation memories is completed.

This story does not possess more chapters forming new links that will keep us in a pleasant state and even happy.

As this terrifies, which the person refuses to accept what ocurre-, It is attached to the idea of ​​what he had before as a kind of emotional life, something the rescue now face the pain of their situation.

He clings to memories.

This is absolutely normal and necessary, the nostalgic effect is not something totally negative.

It is a positive thing and it is because thanks to him can survive emotionally, maintain internal balance, remember and learn.

Why nostalgia is a uniquely human element.

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