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I'm not the woman in your life, I am the woman of mine


Although to be true, I must be frank and accept that pretend not given me, because the reality is that I do not regret, I like who I am, I like my personality.

How often heard the same story about love, that is, you follow the same path two, the same ideas, a single decision, that misconception would say.

Let me tell you do not have the minimum intention to meet your requirements, I have my own plans, my own projects.

Sorry to disappoint, other than the girl who can settle, but I was taught to defend my essence, to be responsible for my decisions, not weaken by complex.

I'm not the woman in your life, I am the woman of mine

You have to know I'm not afraid of that, of which are known silent, I have no qualms about who I am, this is my way of being, my behavior, Like this, sincere, real.

You can see it costs me get what I want, I know perfectly, which is my way, to where I want to, forgives, but the truth is I do not need you, or a prince who comes to rescue me, the truth is that there is nothing to stop me, that prevents me to achieve what I want to accomplish.

So stop trying, me you will not change, resign yourself to never be the woman of your life, or the ideal woman, I'm just ...

I am the owner of my dreams, the master of my life.

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