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Trying not to look back

Trying not to look back

Many times in life you go out there trying to go ahead and smile as if nothing had happened in your life, trying to hide the pain that makes you feel increasingly living dead unwilling to follow, but still you're there, trying not to look back, never to feel everything you felt in that old past, Where you were doing the opposite to what we now feel and do.

Trying not to look back

Unfortunately you'll never not do or feel anything like anyone else, thinking that you manage to perceive all this grim reality, you realize that springs rain from your eyes and every part of your body is in panic knowing that he will not return, that has left you behind; It will seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, he who knows how long it will to realize that you are now alone, he only did you fly in their world and now it's gone hurt your wings.

When you notice that you must begin to let flow all those memories, petting, you must let go of your body, He kisses his soul. You suffer and mourn what you have to mourn and you will realize that there is nothing more than solitude and a lot of dreams and broken promises that were never fulfilled, that will not be met. Also will achieve feel that loneliness is the only one that embraces you all the time and feel that bittersweet taste of hate because it went without saying why ...

But you feel you still love me like the first time; Who knew that the person who once made you laugh now makes you mourn, Who knew so many feelings can be felt by a person and all that we call love. Without realizing one day everything will fall into place and you'll smile,that void in your heart begin to heal and then you look back and you realize that all the way that you travel alone, that old pain disappeared, you are now ready to repeat the story again and again. Until one day comes the one to rebuild those pieces that someone in the past oblivion unite.

That someone put your feet on the ground, It will change your life and every day that passes is better than the last, but it will make you mourn for joy at every moment of your life and tell you how perfect you are one again, many times as possible no matter that everyone will listen; but before that, You will be with the wrong people like him. Until one day both go around the world with the shattered soul, trying to recover from the pain that someone else caused and thereafter, They must match their ways, to heal each other.

"The wounds of those old loves taught us good things or bad for repair with the right person"


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