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Do not tell me you miss me, tell me where and when to see us

Do not tell me you miss me, tell me where and when to see us

I'd better not tell me you miss me, you feel like sharing your time with me, you yearn for moments we share, that while we do not see. Tell me where and when to see us.Your words will be empty if you do not give up a little of your time.

If you can not find a time to share with me, maybe not miss me, Perhaps you've decided to follow your life and forget the friendship or love that united us. If you're not able to devote a moment, Do not tell me you miss me because it's not true.


I do miss you


You have been part of my life, and although you are no longer at my side, but our relationship is no longer the same, I can not help but miss you, remember how were those days that we share and that we will not enjoy, but can be other days, other times we believe together.

I miss the way you were looking at me when you knew what I was thinking, when she was angry, and you already know the reason. Strange say goodnight even if you were thousands of kilometers away and you still day.

I would like to see you again, because although a long time has elapsed, I've always thought of you, and I want to look into your eyes again and know you've always been close, you've thought of me, which he has worried you how I am.

Learn to overcome homesickness


Miss is a very human feeling and can occur in many situations. We can miss a friend who has gone to live in another country, because we will not share many things, but we will be glad to be happy and follow their path. The relationship may change, but if he maintains contact, friendship will endure.

When we live a breakup, it is normal to move from an initial state of resentment toward the other person, another time when perhaps we tend to idealize the relationship we had and the other person. But it is necessary to overcome nostalgia and think that if that person no longer wants to be in our life, We will do well to respect.

But we can also miss people who have died, or even our childhood or places we saw one day and have not seen because maybe have disappeared, but linger in our memories. Are beautiful memories that we treasure and that feeling of nostalgia fills us with the memory of pleasant memories.

But that nostalgia, You can not always be part of our life, because we continue to enjoy every little thing of our existence here and now. Homesickness is overcome occupying your time, enjoying the people who love you, things that make you happy. Think about all the good things you have in your life, in all that you appreciate and all those who are on your side, you really miss.

Write down on paper every day, everything good that happens to you, everything what makes you happy, to read it and remember it when you feel dejected. Do not let the sadness invades you, Get out there and enjoy your life,which it is unique. Forget who you've forgotten, and do not give the pride of place that does not deserve. A friend or a partner who really misses you look you.


Tell me where and when to see us


No matter if it is a while or more days, Tell me where and when I will come to see us and spend some time with you. If you are looking for me, If you write me, If you want to know about me, as I do, then I'll know you really miss me, that time is irrelevant, it was just a lapse that have passed our love and our love. Tell me where and when to see us. Tell me a place and time to look at you and I will come back to the eye and know that you've always been there.



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