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Do not let escape the nice people who make your world

Do not let escape the nice people who make your world

Nice people who make your world are those that remain. Or is, those comforting you, you draw smiles, they comfort you and keep you strong to life. With these relations are solid, consistent and loyal.

Pretty people is sincere, which squeezes my hand and when you look into the eyes reaches the heart. His very presence thrills, because they respect, because no judge and because they always show their faces. Why are the people who make our world cute.


I love you


There are people who love us. Not for nothing in particular, but because we offer confidence and placidity. They are relationships that are grown on small details, sincere and true. They are those that can be fed with glances and small gestures, because every detail becomes a great work.

These feelings are usually reciprocal and there are certain unwritten rules that prevail among them. However, we are often forgotten that the "I love you" we must also pronounce them and that gratitude is the best food for the soul.

So is that often neglect something as important and vital as is the show of affection and attention to the emotional needs of our partners in this dance of life.



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