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Look no half oranges, nor anything halves

Look no half oranges, nor anything halves

Most people when it comes to love the mistake of seeking "the half orange"As if they were not full.

If we keep this idea we will be looking for that something, being tested by trial and error what fit us, when what we should do is realize that we are perfect as we are and yes indeed we can share our lives with someone, It is by preference, not necessity.

There is a substantial difference between need and prefer, when I recognize a being autonomous, able to, full, I can love and accept me that way, and from there to attract a person who feels equally complete to make a team together, where both are linked from the right reasons and not from areas that create gaps.

We must learn to fill in the gaps for ourselves and stop demonizing singleness as representing a failure in our lives.

Being single helps us evaluate and have the opportunity to choose the proper approach to the partner with whom we share our lives, considering that love does not consist in satisfying our needs.

we learn to love ourselves, contentivos beings as to respect everything usually we seek out, usually that level of consciousness we acquire journeying in solitude and appreciating that way without considering a penance or a punishment for not knowing how to relate successfully to others.


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