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The need to let go

The need to let go

Many times the affections and our selections, they make us link us in particular with people with whom we were not fully compatible, I know that we want to, I know that we want them, but it is difficult to maintain the closeness of harmoniously.

In relationships where not know we care, We want to close, but to not offer us conditions so we can stay feeling comfortable, It is necessary to review the parameters of the union, the conditions and intentions.

There are those who want us to retain its single side by a matter of ego, not because we really love either, to love us as we deserve. Refuse to lose something that is theirs to their understanding, from the domain and control, from fear to face a different reality.


The need to let go


We do not necessarily contribute to the happiness of that person, but the possible feeling of emptiness does not allow you to let us go, the possibility that we can be happy with another person or in solitude, It is disturbing to you and make a kind of prison where costs us out.

Usually that kind of people who do not know how to keep us close, but that we do not want away, they develop ties of dependence with ease, relationships where needs abound, which although they can be covered by themselves, they can endorse us responsibility.

Sometimes with few strategies which have to remain by his side, they opt for the handling, inspire pity, make us feel guilty, and they adopt positions of apparent disadvantage against a potential separation.


What can we do?


The truth is that all of us deserve to be with someone who wants us to his side and who know what to do so that interaction is comfortable for both, where we feel loved, protected, loved ones, where we can give the best of ourselves and this is going to be valued by the other, as well as paid.

Be with someone for fear, in any of the presentations is a mistake many make, without considering that the best relationships are those where love manifests itself from libertad, without fences, or bars, where we have to do to make the other person feel good flows naturally from the inside out, It is not forced, It's not premeditated.

Anyone who wants us to love, Welcome, those who don't know what they should do to stay by his side and use their worst resources, just never you can offer us what we deserve, and when we become accustomed to receiving little, to not give us our place, our environment acts accordingly and we were still a few beggars of life and especially love.


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