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You have to look forward in life

You have to look forward in life

Certainly often we have to face different kinds of episodes that we generate emotional pain, the loss of a loved one, separating who loves or loved, frustrated dreams, etc ... But Nothing makes us stagnate stay submerged much as a penalty for an extended period.

We all have different tools that we can use to overcome our pain, but sometimes we do not use and we get stuck in a position that does not allow us to look forward, only makes us torture our present remembering a shame, a sadness, bolstering it in our being and allowing us to eat slowly.

We can not change our past, but we can take it as momentum to become stronger, to know each other, to evaluate our routes to follow, to rectify or simply to try to forget and go on ... So is taking each of our pieces to reconstruct.

Yes, It is true, we will not be the same, our life will not be the same, but different not necessarily be synonymous with worse, we can get bigger, stronger, more tolerant, with a more human vision and farther from the ego, we can become more aware of our actions and their consequences, we can avoid making the mistakes of the past or learn to forgive those who hurt us.

We can not feel light in the passage from life behind us if we sack of experiences that can select at random to generate ourself suffering. Those burdens are unnecessary, limit us. We can not let anything past us continue to do damage after it has already happened, maybe at that time we could not do anything to spare us the pain, but now we have options and the main thing is to decide if we continue to allow affected or we release.

Letting go is not easy, defines us feel that everything, that even as our shame is that we rid it creates a gap in what we are, our identity, but we must become aware that nothing that despite, nor that we should keep sadden.

Look forward in life

We have the option to change our perspective on something that happened, subtract the drama, remove the "if he had", download the blame, learn to accept, see the positive or salvageable side of each of the events we have stopped interfering in our lives.

Only when we decide to stop seeing the past with anger, with sadness, with pain, reliving experiences, giving forces and participation in our present, It will be possible for us to look forward, without fear, We are living every moment as we recall tomorrow. Mentalízate release the past and future live a profit.


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