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6 reasons why we are afraid to say no and how to overcome them

6 reasons why we are afraid to say no and how to overcome them

Do you find it impossible to say no when someone asks you something? Do you feel like a bad person when you do?

Are you kind to others and then complain because they take advantage of you? Do you give more weight to please others that your own good?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I think they're in trouble! Stop doing things you have to do to make urgently someone who is not even near a favor is very bad for you.

The good news is you're not alone. Many gives us difficulty saying no. To change the limiting behavior, you must first understand why for you it's so hard to say no. Once you understand, you can change.

So stop wasting hours of sleep doing things for others and putting his well above the of yours. Read on and find these 6 motivos por los cuales nos da miedo decir NO y –más importante aún– cómo superarlos:


1. You want to help others


Being a good person is important to you. You do not want to ignore the other and want to help, even when taking time. But it is not about putting the other above you. You are your priority and your soul will thank you immensely if you put yourself first.


2. Afraid of being rude


Sometimes we have to tell others is not bad taste. We do not want to offend anyone, especially someone we respect.

But that means not always say yes! It simply means that you must learn to say no in a way that does not offend anyone.


3. You want to be loved by others


You are a social being. Temes be alienated from the group. Feel you have to access what others want for you want. You do not want to disagree with anyone.

But remember: it is virtually impossible to agree with everyone always, more you try.


4. You do not want to create conflict


You think when you say no to someone, He is going to be mad at you. The Are you scared create conflict, and is now in the future.

But if you refuse to do something kindly, with arguments, the other person would not have to get angry.

And if you would recommend to someone who can help, It would be even more unlikely to be a conflict. Remember: one thing is to try to get along with people you work with ... but another is to let you take advantage of to avoid conflict at all costs.


5. You do not want to lose a good opportunity


You're afraid to say you do not close doors important, now and in the future.
But the universe will always give you what you deserve and what you struggle with a condition: that is good for you. Maybe if you place an opportunity long, It was not the best for you at that time.

Additionally, sure others will arrive later and opportunities that bring you even more.


6. You do not want to lose personal ties


You fear that others do not want by telling them not. You do not want others to feel rejected.

But it would be highly unlikely that someone you hate or close the doors forever because you said you could kindly not help you with something.
And if you do, What quality of person? You want a person like that in your inner circle?

Remember: it is important to have friends ... but it is also important to choose very well what kind of person you consider your friend.


very good: you know why it gives you so much trouble saying no. Now that you know, you can change. Learn to say no in a kind way and stop suffer to please others.

Remember: say NO rude or does not make you a bad person. The key is learning to say no in a polite and respectful manner. We all know we have our own needs and priorities. And maybe those who do not understand this are not the best people who surround.

At the end of the day, you're the one who most deserves your love and your time. Put your welfare above the importance you give to please others. Respects and valórate yourself, your time and space. Put your priorities and needs first.


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