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If there was a void in my life, your smile could fill

If there was a void in my life, your smile could fill

For anyone who has been dazzled with a smile ... a child, Love your life, of a stranger.

I can have faced many challenges in life, perhaps they knocked on my door penalties, maybe sometimes I had what I wanted when I expected, but one thing I can be sure today is that your smile, He changed my world and filled every empty space in it.

A smile means a lot. Enriches the recipient; without impoverishing who offers. Lasts a second but his memory, Sometimes, You never deleted. Anonymous

I can think of many things that make me happy, I can pretend that each experience, each and every learning experience of my life, It has a reason for being, but your humble smile, simple, serene and pure, without asking, simply she said illuminating my life, extolling your face and reminding me that life is wonderful and we are here for the smallest reasons.

We have a bad habit of keeping bad memories, to house those without flavors and saddened our life situations, However, there is nothing that a smile can not erase or at least lighten, Although no bringing your smile to my mind, Do not substitute emotion sadness and longing to see her again.

I never thought that your smile would change my life, He transformed my sunrises, my moments before dusk, It transformed my life and my mind, I could understand that your smile has power over me, that makes me feel alive, that reminds me of the joy of life, that pushes me to be and to exist any circumstances.

If there was a void in my life, your smile could fill

Today I appreciate your smile, the accomplice, this challenging, that melancholy, that embarrassed smile, that sincere, that wicked, free smiles, nerve, mocking and mischievous ... thank you for every smile you brought to my life, for all the times you gave me this gesture and continue to do so at times the most cost me see the bright side of life ...

For letting me not forget your smile, Today I celebrate life and everything wonderful that binds us to it, and by those who departed, who it was just cause of many smiles.

When I see you smile, something inside me is restless, but deep, It is who enjoys the thrill of joy through who loves, It is to understand the power of a smile on someone's life.


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