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The more people come into my life, I miss you more

The more people come into my life, I miss you more

You certainly were not prefect, too much for what at that time, when you felt close, I thought I could tolerate ... But life is responsible for showing me in each of my attempts to rebuild my life, I should have bet everything you, I should learn to ponder, to give value to things ... Ultimately, my love for you, It has always been invariable, It has always been there.

Even when I hated, I loved ... tried the best for you ... Yes, I should not absorb all responsibility, Likewise still I maintain that you did a lot to get away, You did a lot for my love for you is simply exhausted and wearied me. But I keep thinking that my reactions were inadequate, and "and if there were" tormenting me!

Obviously I learned a lot, but the saddest thing is that I feel I am still learning and the toughest lesson is that Do not let go you love, until you are not completely satisfied and at peace for having given everything. Relationships should not be sacrifices, but sometimes worth.

Every time I try to connect with someone you come in as my perfect standard of comparison ... yes, you're probably an idealized podo in my mind, but my heart always looking for you, you are looking for even people who seek to approach me and I can not find, nothing satisfies me I know, your eyes look for other eyes, even close mine and I guess you who cherishes me ... I feel I had everything I wanted in my life and I could not keep.

I feel so able to solve everything in my life, This topic generates so much frustration I, I haywire ... Anyone could say that my love for you is so great, why I do not seek, why I not get close to you and I give the place that I wish you had for the rest of my life ... Well, I explain: It was easier for you to replace me.

The more people come into my life, I miss you more

I do not know if you're happy, I do not know if you miss me at least sometimes, I do not know if your heart beats at least a little faster when we are forcibly or when some thought that has to do with me, It cuts you ... Will there such thoughts?

I do not have many cards to play with you, I can only see and hide ... hide the love with which my eye sees you, try to see me beautiful, without being noticed my intention ... and believe me I try, believe me I get my hopes with others, but nothing ... I do not want to be negative, I know that if I do not let go of my mind, My illusions, my sins, my anger and even the stones will still love in my life tranca, and I refuse to believe that they can go back to feel really in love ... But you do not know all the signs that tell me that at least a love that makes me feel something of the fullness I felt at your side, It will not be easy to locate.

I would like to wish you the best, but the best thing for me is to be together ... I keep missing you.


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